At One Hotel

At One Hotel

Suzhou, China

A component of Sangha, At One Hotel is a 72-room wellness retreat. This low-slung, zinc, brick, and wood structure is set unobtrusively amid walls of natural boulders and greenery on the edge of Lake Yangcheng. Upon entry one is greeted by a wooden reception table backed by a wall sheathed in the bark of a large cork tree. The view looks out to the lake across the adjoining Tea Room, where ceiling lanterns assembled from traditional oil-paper umbrellas honor (and repurpose) a traditional craft.

The hotel’s sinuous plan traces the outline of the shore, which in turn is edged by a slender infinity pool. Corridors to the guest rooms are bathed with sunlight filtered through wooden sun shades. Along the corridors, windows of graduated colored glass filter the natural light; different colors are selected for each of the five connecting wings.

Check back for additional components of Sangha soon!

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